Welcome to John Parsloe's website

This website contains a number of books by John Parsloe in digital form, some of which
were originally published in hard copy but have now been extensively revised and expanded.

His writings are mainly concerned with family or local and house history.

The family history relates to other families than Parsloe including Alexander, Blackwell, Burland, Edwards, Elkington, Faiers, Frankham, Gamlen, Green, Handy, Heath, Isham, Luke, McMillan, Page, etc.

The local and house history relates to Seaview and Northcote House in the Isle of Wight and Woodcote in Epsom, Surrey.

As most of the writings are profusely illustrated, they take time to load.

All writings are listed on the Publications page

Hard copies of the originals of the following 4 books can be purchased by contacting John Parsloe using the Contact page: Digital copies showing in red the revisions to the originals can also be supplied.
  • The Descent and Issue of John Green Faiers with an Appendix regarding his father-in-law Angus McMillan
  • Woodcote Green House and other Woodcote Houses in Epsom
  • A Present from Seaview
  • An Apparent Coincidence