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1. The Parsloe Family
The Parsloe Family, sometime of Bagendon, Co. Gloucs.

2. The Gamlen Family
The Gamlen Family - originally the First Supplement to The Parsloe Family.

3. Not The Right Burlands
The Burland Family - originally the Second Supplement to The Parsloe Family.

4. An Apparent Coincidence
The life of Giles Parsloe, Citizen and Grocer of London, 1550-1633.

5. Sir Gregory Parsloe Parsloe
An Article in Wooster Sauce, The Quarterly Journal of The P G Wodehouse Society, Number 21, March 2002.

6. The Faiers Family
The Descent and Issue of John Green Faiers with an Appendix regarding his father-in-law Angus McMillan.

7. The Faiers Girls
A Social Memoir on the five daughters of Emma and Jack Faiers, by the fourth daughter, Betty Bradbury,
with comments by her sisters: edited by John Parsloe
Coda to The Faiers Girls
Verses by Peter van der Swan to the Faiers Girls.

8. William Henry Parsloe 1891-1918
A Tribute from his nephew, John, who knew him only through his father, Guy, whose mourning for his elder brother ended only with his own death.
Coda to William Henry Parsloe 1891-1918
Details of the Northen brothers and the letter from Lieutenant W.H.Parsloe to the father on the death of George Edward Northen.

9. Charles Guy Parsloe 1900-1985
An account of his life by his son, John.

10. Priestley v Hughes 1806-1816
An account of the case of an heiress deprived of her estate because her mother married without the consent of the Court of Chancery.

11. The Luke Family with Hodge Connections
An account of the Luke and Hodge families of Devon and Cornwall and their descendants.