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1. Woodcote Green House and other Woodcote Houses
The first half of this book traces the occupants and owners of Woodcote Green House and details its many interesting features. The second half records the history and occupants of the adjoining houses, the existence of many of which was previously unknown.

2. The Riddle of the Egyptian Corner of Northwood House
John Parsloe, assisted by Tim Wander from Northwood House, describes the House and its intriguing Egyptian features.

3. A Present from Seaview
An album of Georgian Prints, and Victorian and Contemporary Photographs with a number of early prints, drawings and pictures (2nd Edition jointly with Professor Phyllida Parsloe).

4. Louisa Emily Pack: Notes And Pictures
Pictures of Seaview in the Isle of Wight in the nineteenth century with notes on the artist, Eliza Emily Packe.